Taking a critical look at public space in Los Angeles

Google: Then and Now; looking at changes in Google Maps

Ah! Google street view has to be the cheapest way to travel. I always find myself using street view to visit other cities and familiarize myself with the landscape. Even … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up the City

Just a quick rant. I live in Koreatown and have seen it become increasingly dirty and filled with trash. I sense that when people are living in filth and see … Continue reading

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Religion as Architecture Part Three

                    Click a picture above to start a slideshow. It’s easier to view the photos that way, I didn’t really have … Continue reading

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Religion as Architecture Part 2

Hi hi. Welcome back. We’ll be looking at architecture as public art again. As with last time, I mostly focus on places of worship. Make sure to check out part … Continue reading

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Broadway Glory: Future is Looking Brightly on the Past. Sidewalk Analysis

Walk with me! Here are the Youtube videos I made: Ah Broadway! One of the first streets surveyed by the City of Los Angeles in 1849, Broadway came to develop … Continue reading

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Architecture as Public Art: Religious Architecture

Hey there! Welcome to part one of a series I’ll be working on. We’ll be looking at architecture as public art, easily accessible from the most functional and ubiquitous form … Continue reading

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The Automobile, the City, and You: A Look at Public Space Aesthetics

  Hello there. So this is the first of what I hope will be a few posts about why effective public space is so important in a city. You might … Continue reading

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