Taking a critical look at public space in Los Angeles

Cleaning Up the City

Just a quick rant. I live in Koreatown and have seen it become increasingly dirty and filled with trash. I sense that when people are living in filth and see trash strewn over the sidewalks and streets they are more likely to litter. It’s sad that children grow up in this environment. They will be socialized to not care about the built environment – there will be a lack of respect for the city.

Let’s talk about the city’s response – absolutely nothing. I have contacted 311 and Ktown’s council member with no success.


About a month ago – someone left two shopping carts full of trash on the sidewalk (6th/Mariposa Ave). I called the city, kept getting transferred with no results. Meanwhile, people have continued to add trash to this pile including mattresses, old tvs, etc. Someone recently moved the carts to the street curb where it was block a metered parking spot. Of course, a car must have pushed over the carts with a car. Now the trash has fallen out the carts and is strewn over the street and sidewalk. This has attracted rodents and cockroaches.

This whole area is trashy and no one seems to care. Well I’m attempting to organize a clean up project. Wish me luck.

I’ll post some pictures when I get a chance






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