Taking a critical look at public space in Los Angeles


Hello there. This is just a small little side project I decided to do in order to materialize some of my thoughts and share them with the world. Public spaces really help in identifying a city. This is done in two ways:

Symbolically – public spaces represent the culture and point of view of a city/area. It highlights what the city thinks as important and what it deems as not useful. In short, it reflects the city’s identity.

Physically – public spaces allows humans to manifest this symbolism, allows residents to interact with the city, and it allows people to build communities in the usage and activation of shared space. Just as important though, public spaces play a key role in the aesthetics of the city!

Now what public spaces will I be looking at? Primarily urban public spaces – parks, plazas, squares, sidewalks, streets, public transportation etc. I’ll also be looking at privatized space that has the appearance of public space due to it’s high level of accessibility, i.e. – LA Live. And just a note, due to lack of time and resources, at first I’ll primarily focus in and around the central areas of Los Angeles.

I’ll have a number of different approaches; from my experiences with them (reviews) to social metrics on how they are generally used by the public.

If you have any ideas or want to collaborate – let me know!



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